About Us

ZK Instruments is a professional manufacturer of microscopes, as well as various optical elements and parts. We have professional technical and management teams for product development and technical research. ZK Instruments provide professional and efficient optical solutions for our customers worldwide. We specialize in manufacturing precision instruments, with core competencies in precision optical processing, precision mechanical processing, and precision assembling technology. With over a decade of experience serving and supporting large international companies, we have the capability to analyze and understand our customers' needs.

ZK Instruments has the world's most advanced production and testing equipment. It has also established a number of R&D Centers in a few prestigious domestic universities.

ZK Instruments has innovative and professional management and technology development teams, advanced microscope research and development power, and precision testing instruments.
Products manufactured by ZK Instruments, such as bio-microscope series, stereo microscope series, metallurgical microscopes series, digital video microscope series, and series of microscope accessories, are ranked at the top level in the China market. Products of ZK Instruments could now be found in many countries around the world.

In the new century, we believe ZK Instruments is your ideal choice of Microscope. We are aiming at meeting all demands of all domestic and foreign customers and devote every effort to products development, production management, and quality control.

Welcome to ZK Instruments and Let us create a beautiful vision world.
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